Fashion long sleeve casual hooded pet holder carrier big pocket blxcknorway™

Fashion Long Sleeve Casual Hooded Pet Holder Carrier Big Pocket. Check The Details To Know More


Materials & Quality - The best pet pouch hoodie sweatshirt on the market in terms of materials and quality. Comfort and strength are provided by a Cotton Blend of the greatest quality. Black, Gray Each has a matching color elastic stretch bottom and cuffs and is well-made.

Size of Pet Hoodie - The material of the pet pouch sweater is soft and thick, so you won't overheat. If you want it to be a little looser, go up one or two sizes.
Who Captivated My Heart - The Cut Head is similar to a Window's Eyes. Through the glass, the pet's head can be stretched out. Mesh is used for the eyes. Your cat, dog, or tiny pet can breathe via their eyes and sense your heart and the world around them as you walk.

Pet Weight Support & Pouch Dimensions - Ideal for most toy dog breeds, tiny to medium-sized cats, and most other small pets. Rabbits and hamsters. Pouch sizes vary, as does the amount of space available.

Multipurpose Pockets - A Dog, Cat, or Other Small Pet - Multipurpose Pockets The spacious, expandable, heavy-duty pet holding bag is ideal for transporting a small, light pet. You must support your pet with your hands if it weighs more than 5 kg. The pet carrier pocket is ideal for hugging and lazing at home, as well as taking a walk outside on a nice day.