Flexible Car Phone Holder

Using you mobile while driving a car can be a bit distracting and dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to get a equipment that allows you to go through your phone without letting your hands off the steering wheel proves to be very helpful.
This Flexible Car Phone Holder is a unique phone mount that can be attached with the rear view mirror and moves 360 degree.
It holds your smart phone securely and let you set the level to view your mobile. This will also allow you to focus on driving without looking down to our phone.
You are free to adjust your screen horizontally or vertically. You can also hide the mount by pushing pole upwards when not in use.
You can also install this phone mount on the back of your seat for the passengers to enjoy while having a ride. The stand can be extended up to 10cm, and the spring buckle up to 9cm, to make it more convenient for you.