Magnetic screen door curtain anti-mosquito net blxck norway™

Magnetic Screen Door Curtain Anti-Mosquito Net. Check The Details To Know More 

Insect Screens - When you step through the mesh magnetic screen door, it will automatically close, protecting you and your family. Allow yourself and your loved ones to have a healthy, comfortable, and enjoyable summer.

Automatic Closing - Two curtains shut together automatically when you walk through, without leaving a space, thanks to built-in 36-piece magnetic patches that increase the weight and magnetism. Made of a tightly woven polyester fiber material that is tear-resistant and robust enough to survive thousands of opens and closes while remaining child and pet friendly.

Upgraded Version - Stay open design with locking strips on both sides of the entrance screen to keep the screen open if desired during a party or busy period. The lace screen door head design adds warmth to your home.

Ventilation & Transmittance - Mesh design lets fresh air, wind, and sun into the house, resulting in a fresh air circulation system. Unobstructed view/sound, convenient you communicate with your family.

Easy to Install - No tools are required; simply apply the hook and loop tape (included) to the door frame before attaching the screen door. Ideal for front, back, kitchen, bedroom, infant room, backyard, balcony, patio, french, and sliding glass doors, among other applications.