Solar lights with motion sensor adjustable head wide lighting angle blxck norway™

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Solar Lights With Motion Sensor Adjustable Head Wide Lighting Angle. Check The Details To Know More

Solar Motion Sensor Lights with 128 Super Bright LEDs - The solar security light with the three heads design. They're all SMD 2835 LEDs. It has a high brightness output of up to 800lm at 6500K. Our improved polycrystalline silicon solar panels have a conversion rate of up to 20%. Photocell efficiency is incredible, and it also works well in the winter.

Smart Motion Sensor - Our solar LED security light comes with a sophisticated motion sensor that detects movement up to 26 feet away. The light will switch on and off automatically. When movement is detected, the light will automatically turn on; if no movement is detected, the light will switch off after 30 seconds. In other words, the light will remain on as long as a person remains active inside the sensor range.

Wide Lighting Area - Adjustable heads may move upwards, downwards, and horizontally, thanks to the original wide-angle and three-head design. With a 270° wide illumination angle and a detecting distance of 16-26 feet, It's simple to change the angles of the light heads, lens hoods, and motion sensor to meet your needs. The three flexible light heads allow you to vary the lighting direction, saving you the hassle of installing two additional lights. Electricity is not required, and the product is eco-friendly.

All-Weather Resistant - Outdoor solar lights that are weather-resistant This three-head security light fixture is made of tough ABS material that can withstand the environment and harsh weather. The IP65 waterproof rating assures that your three-headed security light fixture will not be damaged by rain, sleet, or snow. It's built to survive extreme weather conditions, is all-weather resistant and adds extra protection and security to your home.

Motion Sensor Lights - Motion Sensor Lights are simple to install and require no unsightly cables or adapters. Fix to any outdoor wall made of any sort of material, including metal, wood, or plastic, using only the provided screws. Yard light, garage light, garden light, parking lot light, exit light, entrance light, driveway light, patio light, doorway light, etc.

Solar lights with motion sensor adjustable head wide lighting angle blxck norway™

Solar lights with motion sensor adjustable head wide lighting angle blxck norway™