25-64Pcs Magnetic Stick Building Blocks Magnetic Educational Toys BLXCK NORWAY™

25-64Pcs Magnetic Stick Building Blocks Magnetic Educational Toys. Check The Details To Know More

Quality Control - The magnetic building balls and rods in this multi-piece kit have passed quality control tests for safety and durability. Metal balls (about 1-1/4 inch in diameter), long bars, short bars, and bent bars make up the set.

Great Value - They are inexpensive and simple to attach and disconnect. The tactile experience of clicking the bars and balls together will appeal to children. It incorporates design concepts with magnetics, allowing youngsters to discover new and exciting things. It creates items by connecting various forms such as balls, crescents, and straight pieces with magnets.

Safe Material - We specialize in developing educational toys, thus we use only the safest materials. High-quality ABS plastic is used to make the magnetic building sticks set. Each box contains 12 distinct color plastic magnetic balls that are over 1.39 inches in diameter, making this toy suitable for children of all ages.

Amazing Gift For Kids - Amazing Pastel Colors, Shapes, and Models Encourage Little Ones' Imagination - This is a gift that every child will love. This package includes a LARGE STORAGE BOX to keep the components organized. The youngsters may easily take it with them wherever they go.