2pcs universal car sun shade curtain window cover uv protection blxck norway™

2pcs Universal Car Sun Shade Curtain window Cover UV Protection. Check The Details To Know More

Car Window Shade - The cloth is of excellent quality and is highly stretchy. Unlike most traditional automobile window blinds, this one is a one-of-a-kind design. Sunshades with a double mesh layer can help you block out a lot of sun during the day and mosquitos at night. To protect your family's skin and eyes, avoid the glare of the sun. Especially for your small child.

Keep Passengers Private - This automobile side window sleeve is simple to install and manage. Simply open your car door, slide it over your window, and pull it over your rear doors. Back passengers may benefit from the privacy provided by these opaque sunscreens. It's ideal for a camping trip.

Window Roll Down - Fully screens the window to guard against heat and sun, resulting in no sunburn but a cooler and more comfortable ride. You can effortlessly roll the windows up and down with the window visor on to enjoy the surroundings and slow down the aging of your car's interior trims.

The Vehicle Window Sleeve Size - The enhanced size range of car window sleeves is 29.5"-63" (75-160cm) in width and 19.7"-26.8" (50-68cm) in height. Please measure your window size before shopping. High-elastic fabric is suited for over 90% of cars, including sedans, MPVs, hatchbacks, compact SUVs, crossovers, and large SUVs with curved or rectangular windows.