3 Pairs invisible low cut liner socks for men & women

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3 Pairs Invisible Low Cut Liner Socks for Men & Women. Check The Details To Know More

No-Show Socks - No-show socks are a terrific way to make your feet appear to be without socks while also allowing your feet to breathe more freely than socks. If you want to appear as if you're not wearing socks, these invisible socks would be ideal to wear with boat shoes or even trainers.

Bamboo Socks - Bamboo is a wonderfully soft fiber that is considerably superior to cotton due to its inherent qualities. Bamboo naturally wicks moisture away from the foot.

So, whether you're sweating a lot because you're playing sports or the weather is extremely hot, you'll notice that your feet sweat a lot less than they would if you were wearing regular cotton trainer socks. Machine washable with 80% bamboo, 19% polyamide, and 1% elastane

Breathable - With a high bamboo content, our Sock Snob men's bamboo invisible trainer liner socks are not only convenient and breathable but also very soft. Their low-cut design allows air to freely circulate around your feet.

Luxuriously Knitted - No-show socks are luxuriously knitted to fall below the ankle and are tight enough not to fall down your foot. These skillfully knit 200 needle bamboo socks are finished off with the Sock Snob print on the bottom of the foot as a true indicator of quality.

3 Pairs invisible low cut liner socks for men & women

3 Pairs invisible low cut liner socks for men & women