3 in 1 pro fishing tool set blxcknorway™

3 in 1 Pro Fishing Tool Set. Check The Details To Know More

3-Piece Multifunctional Fishing Tool - Our fishing tools contain a fish hook remover, a fishing lip gripper, and a pair of fishing pliers to help you separate your fish and hooks. Hook remover that can cut all types of fishing lines and keep all types of little fish from biting your hand.

A fishing lip gripper is used to keep fish lips under control and protect you from being harmed by their mouth. Fishing pliers can be used to remove hooks, cut fish lines, and cut steel wire, among other things.

Strong & Sturdy - These fishing gears are composed of stainless steel and have great strength, allowing them to catch more fish and preventing them from escaping. They're also corrosion-resistant and lightweight, making them ideal for use in saltwater, freshwater, and a variety of other settings. The ideal present for folks who want to learn to fish or replace obsolete fishing equipment.

One-handed Operation - The ergonomic plastic grip allows for one-handed use and control. It's the perfect size to fit in the palm of your hand. The T-shaped handle is small and light, allowing you to operate it safely and easily with just one hand. You may easily and safely remove the fish. The round hook design ensures that the fishing line is not cut.

Easy To Carry & Store - The fishing tool package is light and easy to transport and store. The fishing lip gripper comes with a lanyard, and the hook remover and fishing pliers also feature rope holes, allowing you to conveniently carry a lanyard (lanyard not included) that may be hung on your hand or equipment. 
The fixed lock feature of the fishing plier allows you to store it safely while not in use.

Less Harmful & Widely Used - Our fish hook remover can remove most hooks, release the deep hook fast and softly, reducing fish harm and mortality. This tool not only makes it easier to remove the hook, but it also protects your fingers, making it ideal for all types of fishing situations. This is an amazing fishing tool kit for any expert or beginner angler!