Solar camping light with remote control blxck norway™

Solar Camping Light with Remote Control. Check The Details To Know More

Solar + USB Charging - This solar LED light can be charged not only by solar energy but also by USB. This light lamp can be powered by your power bank or another source of power.

120 LEDs + 10 Solar LEDs - Over 200 Lumens 2 Control Buttons - Press switch and remote control; no need to get up to close the light; if the remote's battery dies, you can still turn off the light with the press switch on the camping light.

IPX7 Waterproof Level - The solar lights hang on a sturdy hook for easy installation in no-iron situations. When submerged or sprayed with water, the IPX7 waterproof design with high quality Waterproof PVC materials gives you peace of mind, especially in severe rain or snow.

Long-Lasting Light + Power Bank Function - The light can last up to 6-48 hours after being fully charged. In an emergency, this multi-purpose camping lamp can charge your phone or other electronics. A connector for the battery output is included.