2 In 1 Cup Holder Vehicle-mounted Slip-proof Water Car BLXCK NORWAY™

Keeping things clean and organized in a car can be a real struggle. Your car can turn into a complete mess if you eat your food in the car. The most common reason behind this mess is the lack of space to keep our food containers or drinks.
To avoid this mess, we have come up with a 2 In 1 Cup Holder Vehicle-mounted Slip-proof Water Car, that will save a lot of space in your car and will hold your food in one place. It has two storage cups that large in size and can be installed easily on the bracket.
You can also adjust the position of this holder depending on the size of the item you brought. It also has a rotating design and turns at a 360-degree angle. It is one of the most practical and efficient tools that will keep your car clean and organized.
This holder is perfect for all kinds of seats. It also contains a shockproof pad that will allow you to fill the gap between the mounting position and the base with the cushioning foam pad to ensure stable and strong support.