3D Air Pad Seat Back Cushion For Relieving Sciatica Tailbone Pain BLXCK NORWAY™

Sitting a Long Time & Feeling Pressure?? Use This Silicone Gel Pad Cushion For All Your Needs

Fresh & Dry - 45x 45 cm in size, fresh and dry When one cell is crushed, air travels to the cells around it, maximizing air circulation. As a result, heat transfer is reduced and that uncomfortable office chair feeling is reduced, all while supporting your posture, decreasing inactive perspiration, and tenderly protecting your delicates.

Long-lasting Comfort - With 56 plump 3D air cells coated in breathable Lycra fabric, this bra is specially designed to provide extra support for your hip and back. This cushion provides great lumbar support, which has been shown to decrease aches and pains by up to 30% by dispersing pressure from sitting.

Versatile - This chair seat cushion can support up to 125 kg and can be used anywhere. Do you have a long voyage ahead of you? We've got your back! Is there a deadline at work? It's no problem! Are you still working on your thesis? Please have a seat! Increase your efficiency and comfort.

Ergonomic Design - Inflatable Seat Cushion has a more ergonomic design than foam support cushions and is more durable and adjustable. It's simple to attain your preferred inflation level, whether it's 70 percent, 80 percent, or even totally inflated; the choice is yours. Your posture will thank you for your purchase due to the ease of storage and portability.