Protect Your Car Door from Scratch and Oxidation

As a small, specialized, and easy-to-install auto body addition, CARBON CAR DOOR SILLS STICKERS attach seamlessly to the inner base of your car’s doors. To put it simply, they act as the doormats to your car’s entryway and provide a base for you and your passengers to step on while climbing in and out of your car. Since older cars had a separate step plate attached to them, door sill protectors used to be all the rage for those models. But as time passed by and we slowly did away with distinct car steps, door sill stickers faded away for a while. But thanks to the newfound appreciation of their benefits, they are now back from their obscurity only to become more popular than ever before.

Easy to install - Before sticking the stickers on, please clean the surface of the car. If your car recently waxed, remove the wax. Heat the sticker by hair dryer or professional heat gun for longer service. Use a soft rubber squeegee to smooth out bubbles and wrinkles. After stuck, do not wash the car in 24 hours.

High-quality material - 3D carbon fiber film sticker guard is made of vinyl film with carbon fiber texture design, waterproof and high-temperature resistance. We have tested the stickers on high temperature and rainy days, we found that the sticker did not melt and crack.

Function - The stickers have good slip resistance and flexibility. The anti-scratch protector is designed to prevent scratches. It covers the existing scratches when loading and unloading the front and rear doors. Improve the appearance of the vehicle and make your car look cool!

Wide uses - The door sill stickers are suitable for all cars. It can also be used with heat guns or household hair dryers for shaping, flexible and elastic. If you think it is too long, you can cut it freely.