3D Print Galaxy Moon Lamp Children Gift BLXCK NORWAY™

Having a lighting lamp in your bedroom or living room can add elegance to the overall appearance. If you are in a search of lamplight that complements all kinds of house interiors and gives great light, then this 3D Print Galaxy Moon Lamp Children Gift should be a perfect choice for you. It has great craftsmanship and is made with amazing detailing. It gives a good light transmission and can also save electricity as it is an energy-efficient lamp.
This moonlight lamp consists of 3D technology as it is made from 3D printers and with environmentally friendly materials. It replicates the look of a moon that compels our eyes to believe that it is a real moon. This lamp has a mini touch switch that is far from the charging port to give you easy touch controls.  It comes with a remote that can be used to change the colours of the moon and adjusting the brightness.
It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and can get charged in just 2 or 3 hours. Once fully charged,  it can give a great performance for up to 8 to 10 hours. The design of this lamp is quite unique and gives a very classy look. You can charge this lamp using a USB port with the help of a laptop or a USB slot. The best part is that it automatically stops charging after it is fully charged to avoid overheating and damage.
It comes with a remote and two different lighting colours- white and soft white that can be changed very easily just by touching it. You can also adjust the brightness of this lamp and make the light dim by holding the touch ring. This is the most perfect option to give as a gift to your family and loved ones on a special occasion such as a housewarming party, anniversary, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.