Fashion Pearl Brooch-No Wardrobe Malfunction

Accessories are a vital part of your outfit. It not only enhances the look, but also adds that much needed charm. Therefore we bring to you this Fashion Pearl Brooch-No Wardrobe Malfunction which can be a true saviour for you.
The main feature of this brooch is that it can forestall sudden exposure or can adjust the size of clothes. It helps in keeping your clothes in the position and increase the grace of your apparel.
You can easily wear this brooch with a clip and due to its classy design, it goes with all the outfits such as shirts, dresses, casual tops, blazers, etc.
 It is made up of artificial pearls which has a shiny look and can change the overall style of your clothing. The alloy material used in this brooch is of high quality and is quite durable.