Photography background screen for photo video studio blxcknorway™

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Photography Background Screen for Photo Video Studio. Check The Details To Know More

While imitations employ a layer of inferior nylon that allows light to leak through, the ORIGINAL screen is the industry-leading chair green screen, using ultra high quality, dual-layer knitted polyester for a white & green chromakey background. The extra-rigid steel frame of the screen, together with the screen's proprietary X-Strap mechanism, ensures a terrific experience with an upright background on practically all office chairs.

Fits practically all chairs with a width of up to 30.5 inches: Please refer to the sizing chart for more information. The screen's unique X-strap design allows it to effortlessly slip onto practically any chair back up to 30.5 inches wide. If the screen on your chair is at an angle, there is a pocket where you can change the width with a little book. There is also a storage bag included.

Easy to Store - When the screen is initially opened, there may be some creases, but these will smooth out over time. With excellent lighting, these wrinkles will not be noticeable. When not in use, it easily folds and compresses to a 20" diameter and stores in the provided tote bag. Simple instructions for folding your screen are presented in the video. Simply wipe the screen with a towel if it is dusty.

No Light Bleed - The screen is made up of two layers of white and green screen cloth to prevent light from leaking through from behind. To keep the screen upright, make sure it's a snug fit on your chair's green screen.

Dimensions - At the head height, the 56-inch width is broad enough to block off the backgrounds of the most laptop, tablet, and phone cameras, creating a virtual backdrop for the chair. When the camera is at or near eye level, it is most effective. Please keep in mind that a camera or phone with a wide-angle lens will not work well with this. L-shaped workstations may not be compatible.

Photography background screen for photo video studio blxcknorway™

Photography background screen for photo video studio blxcknorway™