4-inch mini electric saw chain saw

Our 4-inch mini electric saw chain saw has a rechargeable lithium battery (2900mAh), wireless restraint, lithium battery life, and does not require refuelling. Three high-quality guide chains were deeply quenched to provide better cutting and greater wear resistance. A tiny chainsaw is great for cutting wood, clipping tree branches, and gardening.
The electric chainsaw's enhanced pure copper motor is more robust, has more torque, and has more power, resulting in less wear and tear and increasing the tool's lifetime. The pure copper motor and high-power battery chopped a log with a diameter of around 3.935.91 inches in about 10 seconds (the specific value varies with the actual size and hardness of the wood)

The chain saw includes a non-slip grip, and an ergonomic design, and is simple to use. Even young ladies can manage and utilize it with ease, holding it for extended periods of time without tiring their hands. For outside tasks, a battery chainsaw is handier. Faster than reciprocating saws and more portable than a corded chainsaw. The small size allows it to be grasped with one hand. The tiny chainsaw weighs around 0.7kg and measures 33cm in entire length (13inch).
To guarantee safety, equip the tiny chainsaw with a Safety Lock and a Safety Bezel. Pressing the lock and switch buttons at the same time to start a tiny chainsaw efficiently avoids misoperations and potential hazards. A safety bezel on the chainsaw prevents fast-moving wood chips and debris from flying into your face and eyes.
Chain saws are extensively used for cross-cutting fruit tree branches, domestic firewood, bamboo cutting, saplings, urban greening, DIY wood product projects, and so on. Furthermore, it is best suited for domestic applications, such as high branch cutting and garden tree trimming, to increase the efficiency of your yard job. It will be an excellent present for your family and friends.
  • ✔️Ergonomically designed
  • ✔️Easy install & operate
  • ✔️Powerful dynamic system
  • ✔️One hand using
  • ✔️Highly efficient & multifunctional cutting
  • ✔️High security & anti-splash guard
  • ✔️Higher power pure copper motor
  • ✔️Cordless mini rechargeable chainsaw
  • ✔️Optional pattern: 1 battery set/2 battery set
  • ✔️Material: metal steel chain
  • ✔️Battery power: 1080w
  • ✔️Guide plate length: 4 inches
  • ✔️Chain speed: 5m/s
  • ✔️Chain: quick adjustment
  • ✔️Cutting size: <100 mm
  • ✔️Battery: 2900 mAh
  • ✔️Weighs around 0.7kg