Training Golf Anti-Slip Practice Golf Mat BLXCK NORWAY™

Training Golf Anti-Slip Practice Golf Mat. Check The Details To Know More

Description - Golf is a game of patience and learning, and the finest golfers spend practically every hour of every day honing their swing and approach, as well as learning how to keep their cool when things don't go their way. You no longer need to practice and polish your game on the golf course or at the driving range. It may also be done at home with the help of the best putting mats, which recreate the conditions of the green in a way that your backyard could never. They're more than just mats with holes on one end; they're genuine and practical.

Features - Deluxe Golf Mats allow you to practice like a pro in the privacy of your own home. Every putt has a smooth real-green feel thanks to the high-quality non-crease polyamide fiber putting surface and the TPR anti-skid base. The Home Golf Mat's high-quality foundation is suitable for any flat surface and provides for a true roll on any surface. Ideal for practicing anywhere, whether at home or at work. Your short game will be put to the utmost test with these excellent putting mats. The mat rolls up for easy storage and portability.

Specifications - This Indoor Training Golf Putting Mat is made up of Polyamide Fiber Surface+TPR Anti-skid Base having a thickness of 4mm with size 50*300cm/19.69*118.11inch

Package Included - 1 X Indoor Training Golf Putting Mat