40L Expandable USB Charging Laptop Waterproof Business Travel Bag BLXCK NORWAY™

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Expandable Design - The dimensions of the 40L are 47 x 15 x 35 CM before it is stretched; the 45L is 47 x 25 x 35 CM after it is extended. You can adjust the size of the zipper and buckles to meet your needs.

The top and one side handles, which make switching between backpack and suitcase a breeze. As a result, it can be worn vertically or horizontally. The luggage belt on the rear allows the backpack to glide over the luggage tube, making it very easy to carry. It is ideal for daily travel for 3-7 days.

Large Capacity To Carry - The backpack has a lot of pockets, it's organized, and it can expand. The main pocket can carry your travel essentials and 5-8 pieces of clothing. It's great that liquids have a moist pouch.

Magazines, iPads, and books, as well as a power bank that can charge your phone, can be stored in the front compartment. Backpack Back with padded batter can protect your laptop. 17inch laptop compartment dimensions: 15.3" x 11.4" (please check your laptop size).

Waterproof & Anti Theft Design - 1. When traveling or lining up, the back zipper compartment of your backpack protects your valuable items, such as your phone, passport, and wallet, from possible theft. 2 Waterproof PVC material with an interior waterproof pocket to keep your belongings dry. 3.Ergonomic back design with thick but soft multi-panel ventilated padding for enhanced support and comfort, reducing shoulder and neck discomfort; 4.Shoulder straps with quick release and adjustable anti-slip chest belt

Durable & Multipurpose - To make the shoulder and handle joints more durable, bold line sewing was used. The two thick handles are comfortable to carry for lengthy periods of time. All of the zippers are strong and smooth, as well as explosion-proof. You can store objects quickly and neatly by using several compartments with varied sizes and characteristics. For school, commuting, business trips, hiking, travel, camping, and other outdoor activities, this is an excellent companion.