40pcs/lot roll hair style roller curler blxck norway™

A great hairdo is one of the few things that may increase one's confidence. If you've always wanted beautiful curls, it's time to start using Our 40pcs/lot roll hair style roller curler, which is suitable for hair of all types and textures, uses no heat or electricity and does no damage to your hair. You may sleep well with the hair curler with the comfortable memory foam core.

Keep lightweight hair curlers in your purse and you may reuse them multiple times to obtain the curls you desire whenever and wherever you want. It is simple to clean and store, washable and lightweight and can be reused for a long period, making it both practical and inexpensive. This hair care roller can securely grasp your hair and completely cover your hair to create attractive natural beach wave styles.
Wash your hair and maintain it 75 to 80% dry, tie the appropriate amount of hair on the hair rollers, and various operations produce various attractive hair waves. You may save time by creating pleasing and appealing hairstyles while sleeping. No damage to your healthy hair, no need for pins, clips, electricity, or heat.
Enough hair curlers to enable you to accomplish your curly hairstyle in one night, curlers you can sleep in, and create your own glamour curls! The substance is high-quality silicone that is hypoallergenic, odourless, and non-slip. They are very soft and may be deformed with your fingertips.
Use it on both dry and wet hair. After showering, pat your hair dry with a towel until no water remains. Open the hair rollers, roll the desired hair, and then close them. Then leave it for 30-60 minutes to give you great hair wave memory. It will be finished sooner if you use the hair dryer! Please keep the hair rollers at least 4 inches away from the blowing mouth when using the hair dryer.
  • ✔️Features:
  • ✔️Practical and economical, washable and reusable.
  • ✔️Designed to give you nice curly hair in an easier and safer way.
  • ✔️Very easy to use and just need to keep 15-30 minutes for hair moulding.
  • ✔️No heat, no electricity, no damage to your hair at all Can be used overnight or during the day.
  • ✔️Just 15 -30 minutes and then you can have a fashion curler hairstyle made by yourself.