4D hair-like eyebrow tattoo blxck norway™

Are you still having trouble colouring your brows every morning? Or are you attempting to shape your brows perfectly? Are your brows thin due to medical issues, ageing, or over-plucking? Looking for a quick and simple way to get fluffy, abundant, and full luscious semi-permanent brows? Then say goodbye to all aches and pains and try our 4D hair-like eyebrow tattoo to cover your brows in a single move.
Furthermore, these brows stay for 7 days, giving you the perfect look. The 4D hair-like eyebrow tattoo is completely waterproof. After a brief application, you can go to night parties, dance parties, and the gym without having to trim your brows. Whether you want a sharp arch, a delicate curve, or a straighter structure, our range has the right brows to complement your face shape.
4D Hair-like Eyebrow Tattoo
Microblading not only damages your brow region but also inhibits hair growth, causing your brows to thin. We have a 4D hair-like eyebrow tattoo for you to help you overcome such challenges. Whether you have sparse or light brows or are through chemotherapy, this eyebrow tattoo is ideal for you. Set the 4D Hair-like Eyebrow Tattoo's place on the brow region. You can create realistic and full brows in a matter of seconds with a 4D Hair-like Eyebrow Tattoo.
Forget about extra ink, pricey brow glues, and putting powder on your face before plucking. Simply dab a tiny amount of water on the 4D hair-like eyebrow tattoo and peel it off - you're done! Unlike permanent embroidery and cosmetic tattooing, our 4D Hair-like Eyebrow Tattoo is completely safe and will not cause any harm to your sensitive brow skin. Simply stick and peel to achieve a stunning appearance.
4D hair-like eyebrow tattoo comes in a variety of styles, including straight, S-shape, thick straight, medium arch, and high arch. So, for a flawless appearance, pick according to your face form. We also have a customised straight 4D Hair-like Eyebrow Tattoo for males. Every man and woman is aware of their own beauty. As a result, you may pick a 4D Hair-like Eyebrow Tattoo for your loved ones without hesitation. Apply a small amount of water to the paper side and carefully peel away.
  • A perfect gift
  • For all face shapes
  • No pain no mess
  • Quick application
  • Smudge-proof and waterproof
  • Say bye to microblading
  • No more brow plucking or pencils
  • Package Includes:
  • 11 Pairs x Authentic Eyebrows