4K Mini Projector Wifi Android Full HD 1080P LED Video Cinema BLXCK NORWAY™

Lockdown Time Best Time Pass With This Mini Projector & Watch Your Favourites At Home With Your Family


Portable LED Video Projector - It not only improves the brightness and contrast of the projector's portable projector screen to meet the new needs of customers. Family movie night in the backyard. The LED projector is connected through HDMI, making it suitable for home theatre, indoor and outdoor movies, and a variety of video games. For improved sound quality, you can also connect a home theatre or surround sound system. It's best to utilize it in a dark setting.

Excellent View Experience - MStar's sophisticated color engine powers the projector, providing an excellent viewing experience. Upgraded LED lighting is brighter than standard projector lighting. Ideal for at-home enjoyment

Portable Projector - Projector compatible with TV box, PC, laptop, tablet, Blu-ray DVD player, SD card, USB flash drive, video game, media player (music, picture, video, TXT), smartphone

Ideal Gift Choice - For the festival, a movie projector is undoubtedly the finest option. It may be used with either a regular TV Stick or a smartphone. Indoors or outside, you and your family may have a good time watching movies in your home theatre.