10Pcs double side dishwashing sponge blxck norway™

Double Side Dishwashing Sponge. Check The Details To Know More


 Clean Smarter, Not Harder - We've all experienced the agony of scrubbing dirty or burned food off pots with a soft cloth, as well as the inconvenience of a dishcloth and scrubber taking up counter space. With our newly developed scourer/microfiber cloth combo sponge, you may get the best of both worlds.

Made To Last - These sponges were built to last. They're made of high-quality polyester, polyamide, and polyurethane, so they won't wear out within a week like most store-bought scouring pads.

Chemical-Free - There are no dangerous chemicals in the rough kitchen cleaning sponge. We ensure that our sponges are completely safe to use for the health and safety of our consumers.

Machine Washable - You normally replace scouring pads when they become a little... stinky, but why not save money and wash them instead? These sponges are made to last and are completely machine washable and dryer safe.