5 in 1 Pant Hangers

5-in-1 Pant Hangers steadily with two hooks or it can be vertical hanging, it will make your closet tidier. Scope: stainless steel metal pants rack, suitable for balconies, wardrobe, bathroom, and other environments.
Our multi-functional hangers are built with a collapsible design that uses the vertical space in your closet more effectively, allowing you to fit more in your closet while simultaneously reducing clutter.
After switching to our 5-in-1 pant hangers, you’ll notice that you’re no longer digging through your closet to find one pair of pants, and instead, you can browse your wardrobe with ease.
Hooks on the top. You can use both two hooks for horizontal hanging or you can only use one hook for vertical hanging.
The hanger can be folded, portable and compact, perfect for use during travel. Suitable for hanging pants, trousers, ties, clothes, and scarves.
Durable and convenient to use, having five hanging rods, each tube can be pulled outward for convenient hanging and fetching, can place 5pieces pants at the same time.