5 In1 electric mosquito swatter killer lamp blxck norway™

5 In1 Electric Mosquito Swatter Killer Lamp. Check The Details To Know More

2 in 1 Versatile Bug Zapper - The electric swatters can be used as a stationary zapper with bug-attracting purple LEDs or as a handheld racquet to swat flying insects. When placed in a dark room, the gnats couldn't resist the built-in light. In comparison to other models, this is a big advantage.

Powerful - The bug zapper rackets work on bigger flies and even smaller gnats and such and zap them instantaneously. 3000 Volt- Powerful enough to fry any bugs/insects instantly. It's strong enough to attract a large number of mosquitoes and insects to the light, and it's also strong enough to kill them all. Try it and you'll notice a significant reduction in mosquito bites almost immediately.

Built-in 1200 mAh Rechargeable Batteries - On a single charge, the built-in battery can deliver up to 10,000 zaps. Furthermore, the bug zapper is completely connected in! It may be mounted on the stand charger and operated without using your hands, much like a plug-in unit.

The Power Stay-on Model - You may turn it all the way up (to the point where the lights are on) and the power will stay on, allowing you to concentrate on catching the flies.

Pretty Safe to Use - The real zapper element is enclosed between two metal guards, which prevents inadvertent zaps from occurring if a child, dog, or you get too interested and try to touch it.