50pcs strawberry grapes fruit protection bags blacknorway™

You can now keep your fruits fresh and healthy with the help of these 50 PCS fruit protection bags. It can provide maximum protection from birds, insects, wasps, pollution etc.

It allows the air and sunlight to circulate in and out while they are growing. You can easily reuse them as they are eco-friendly and non-toxic. You can use these netting mesh bags for fruits, vegetables, etc. It stays in place and cannot be blown easily by wind.


The material is permeable and allows the light and air to pass through so that your food does not get spoiled and continues to grow. It is super easy to use as it comes with a drawstring design to seal the bag.

It can protect your apples, dragons fruits, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, and vegetables. You can choose from three different sizes depending on your requirement. Get yours now and enjoy the fresh and perfectly right fruit.