50 Pcs Biodegradable Disposable Plastic Toilet Seat Cover BLXCK NORWAY™

Biodegradable Disposable Plastic Toilet Seat Cover. Check To Know More

Disposable - The toilet seat covers are disposable and ideal for people and their families on the go. You may also use them at home to make cleaning easier.

Waterproof & Non-Slip- The seat protectors are composed of waterproof PE material and will not slip or slide, providing excellent safety for your family!

Easy to Use - The toilet seat may be easily covered thanks to the double layers and incorporated design. The symmetrical shape instantly complements a variety of toilet seats, making it easier to distinguish between the front and back. It's also larger than ordinary disposable toilet seat coverings and fits a common toilet seat in the United States!

Individually Wrapped - Individually packaged, travel-friendly design makes it easy to keep in carry-on luggage, a travel bag, a toddler diaper bag, or even your pocket.

Can Be Used In Private Restrooms - Vacations, road trips, camping, and outings in airports, stations, hostels, hotels, hospitals, amusement parks, and shopping centers are just a few examples.