Non-Slip casual low cut boat invisible socks blxcknorway™

Non-Slip Casual Low Cut Boat invisible socks. Check The Details To Know More


Material - The Ultra Breathable Micro-Mesh Fabric Enables Airflow and is made of high-quality cotton. It is soft, wearable, and moisture-wicking. All-day long, these no-show loafer socks will keep your feet fresh, odor-free, and cool.

Designed To Be Invisible - 3 Silicone Strips Designed To Be Invisible Non-slip silicone on the heel of the foot improves the friction between the sock and the shoe. Prevents slippage from walking, running, and other activities throughout the day.

Socks with a low-cut liner can be hidden in your shoes. ONE SIZE FITS ALL FAMILY SIZES (Men &Women; Adults& Teenagers). Silica Gel, bamboo fiber Machine-washable

Care Instructions - Machine wash in cold water and air dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. NOT to be dry cleaned, ironed, or bleached.

Liners Can Be Worn For Any Occasion - Use Them To Hide Your Socks. It will fit all of your sneakers, casual shoes, formal shoes, athletic shoes, boat shoes, loafers, and other footwear.