5Pcs kitchen cleaning towel anti-grease wiping rags blxck norway™

Kitchen Cleaning Towel Anti-Grease Wiping Rags. Check The Details To Know More 

Powerful Cleaning Effect - The Nano easy clean cloth has a sophisticated double-sided fish scale grid design that can collect up the dirt inside the dense fibers until they are washed clean. To make your home safer, use a streak-free clean cloth to remove tea stains, rust, oil, fingerprints, and water stains.

Lint-Free & Streak-Free - The Easy Clean miracle cleaning cloth is lint-free and collects dust quickly. If your windows have smudges, a couple of wipes with dry window cloths will do the trick. Miracle cleaning cloths with nanoscale streak-free technology clean mirrors and windows without leaving water stains or residue on the surface.

Absorbent & Quick Dry - Highly absorbent nanoscale fabric is made from minuscule strands and absorbs water in a second, making it ideal for wiping up spilled water or juices and keeping floors and carpets clean. It absorbs a lot of water yet dries rapidly and is easy to clean. After numerous washes, this easy-to-clean towel will not get stiff.

Scratch-Free - Miracle cleaning cloth won't scratch dishes, glasses, coatings, screens, furniture, or stainless steel. Stainless steel, silver, and brass can all be polished with Siligli microfiber cleaning cloths.

Multiple Uses - The all-purpose easy clean miracle cleaning cloth can be used to wipe kitchenware, autos, electronics, glassware, jewelry, stainless steel, household appliances, furniture, and more.