5pcs vacuum bag storage home organizer bag blxck norway™

5pcs Vacuum Bag Storage Home Organizer Bag. Check The Details To Know More

Multiple Sizes & Reusable - Compression bags come in a variety of sizes and are reusable. They may be used to store duvets, comforters, clothes, blankets, pillows, soft toys, and more. The vacuum pack bags can be reused multiple times and can last for years.

Save Storage Space - This set of storage bags will fulfill your diverse storage needs while saving you up to 80% of your storage space. The FREE portable pump works with any vacuum cleaner and is available wherever you are at home or on vacation.

Airtight Bags - Compared to similar products, add 25% additional raw material. Better sealing results. Our space-saving bags include a double-zip and triple-seal turbo valve seal leak-proof technology to get every last ounce of AIR OUT and nothing back in.

Multi Work Methods - Our vacuum sealer bags are suited for most vacuum cleaners on the market, hand pump-assisted air extraction, and compress and exhaust by a cushion, allowing you to employ a variety of air extraction methods. When you look over the items you've collected again, they're just as fresh, clean, and dry as they were before.