6-in-1 shedding grooming massage brush blxck norway™

6-in-1 Shedding Grooming Massage Brush. Designed for your pet's ultimate comfort & grooming!

A professional beauty hair removal brush, without a blade, can quickly brush off the loose hair that falls off naturally.

Multifunctional & Flexible - It is a multipurpose, flexible, and comfortable horse grooming equipment; without the cutter, the brush may also be used on dogs, pigs, goats, and other animals.

Easy to Use - It is perfect for beauty massage on all sections of the horse's body and may be used in both dry and wet situations.

Practical Massage Brush - It is a practical brush that is wonderful for the skin, fur, and muscles of your hoses.

Simple to Clean - Simply rinse the brush with warm water, or wash it in the washing machine! A must-have accessory for any horse grooming kit.

Perfect Gift for Equestrians - It is ideal for use after riding because it is gentle on the face while also being durable on the body.

✅Color: Black
✅Application: Horse, Dog, Pig, Sheep, etc.

Package Includes-
✅1 x Shedding Groom Massage