Mixed color woven stretch braided belts for men & women blxcknorway™

Mixed Color Woven Stretch Braided Belts for Men & Women. Check The Details To Know More

Stylish and easy style, non-porous design, and a variety of colors to match your existing pants. It is appropriate for business, pleasure, students, and the workplace, among other things.

The elasticity and weaving in this elastic belt are a wonderful match. It can be stretched repeatedly without deforming, making exercise more comfortable and flexible.

A robust alloy pin buckle, high-quality fibers, and a tight rubber string are woven into this unisex elastic belt. Leather is used to stitch the tail, making it robust and anti-friction.

The elastic belt has a width of 1.3" and a thickness of 3.9mm. The high-quality alloy is scratch- and wear-resistant has been gold-plated multiple times, is scratch-resistant, friction-resistant, and fade-resistant.