6Pcs wood therapy massage tools BLXCK NORWAY™

Our 6Pcs wood therapy massage tools are made entirely of wood, The area where the wooden massage tool comes into contact with human flesh is polished, the surface is smooth and burr-free, it will not scrape the skin, and it is long-lasting. To maintain it clean after usage, wipe it with a damp towel first, then with a dry towel. It can also aid in eliminating excess fat in the lymphatic system while killing fat cells, sculpting the muscles and keeping the skin taut.
The entire 6 pcs set of massage tools may successfully promote lymphatic drainage, relax muscles, reduce cellulite, relieve tiredness, and tighten the skin for a body-sculpting impact. This is a fantastic design. To dredge the meridian and massage the body, use a wood massage rolling stick, a home scraping stick, or a general workout stick for the entire body.

Made of high-quality beech wood that will survive heavy use while staying corrosion-free; with NO burrs and no skin scrapes. The wooden therapeutic massager will assist in kneading deep tissue and providing immediate comfort; it is ideal for the shoulder, arm, neck, calves, and around key muscle areas such as abs, back, hamstrings, thighs, and more;
Massage tools have handles to allow you to massage your body comfortably. Our wood treatment massage instruments are both beneficial and convenient to use. It is simple to use and has an excellent, comfortable, and ergonomic design. It may be used to massage the head, arms, legs, stomach, and back, among other areas.
Our useful and unique products are intended to improve the user experience. We meticulously crafted this set of hardwood massage implements from the beginning of manufacture. We have thoroughly evaluated our goods' materials, shapes, and textures to guarantee that they are of the best quality. You can purchase with confidence. It is appropriate for all age groups and may be bought as a daily present for friends, couples, and parents.
  • Pack Includes -
  • ✅ Wooden Massage Cup*1
  • ✅ Massage roller *1
  • ✅ Gua Sha board*1
  • ✅ Massage head *1
  • ✅ Massage wood cubes*1
  • ✅ Massage stick*1