7 Color Light 3D Glass Star Pattern Aroma Diffuser BLXCK NORWAY™

Do you want to enhance the overall appearance of your house and room? Are you looking for something that can add to the beauty and yet, provides health benefits? If yes, then this 7 Color Light 3D Glass Star Pattern Aroma Diffuser is a perfect choice for you.
The design of this diffuser is so appealing as it has a 7-colour star effect in 3D. It is quite portable and helps to make the atmosphere calm and relaxing. It also has different time modes which you can set according to your mood and requirements. It has an auto- shut off option which will shut off the diffuser in case the water is used up.
This aroma diffuser is known to last for around 5 hours. It will help you to feel relaxed, calm while reducing the effects of winter dryness. Since it is made up of PP material, it is highly durable. It also has 7 different lights which you can change as per your mood.
You can easily remove the cover of the aroma oil diffuser to fill the water along with essential oil. It also has ultrasonic vibration technology which will make the oil get dispersed effectively. It also provides moisture to your body and helps to make the air pure. It is completely safe for babies and pets and does not cause any harm.