Dog grooming scissors colorful pet trimming scissors set blxcknorway™

Dog Grooming Scissors Colorful Pet Trimming Scissors Set. Check The Details To Know More 

Perfect for Detailing - All of the cutting shears have razor-sharp blades that are ideal for detailing. It's ergonomically built to accommodate all of your pet's grooming requirements. The engineering structure and shape of the handles allow you to grip them quite pleasantly, reducing your labor effort. This design ensures that the risk of repetitive motion injury is kept to a minimum.

Thinning shears of superior quality for thinning out and combining shorter and longer fur patches on dogs. Provides a professional finishing touch to grooming, leaving the fur looking smooth and natural; The curved scissor is designed to cut your pet's hair safely, curving around the paws and face to avoid poking an eye out. Even a novice will find it simple to operate. The finger loops fit most hands, and the little insert makes it very easy to grasp and operate.

The steel grooming comb removes tangles, mats, loose hair, and grime while also stimulating the skin and hair follicles. Allow your dog to produce beauty by keeping it away from your unkempt hair. Allow the dogs and their owners to be healthier in the cleaning environment.

Professional Grooming Shear Kit - 1*7.0" curved scissor with point up, 1*6.0" straight scissor, 1*6.0" thinning scissor, 1*grooming comb, 1*cleaning cloth, and 1*scissor case are all made of stainless steel and have a finger rest for added control and comfort.