LCD Digital Microscope with 64GB TF Card BLXCK NORWAY™

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LCD Digital Microscope with 64GB TF Card. Check The Details To Know More


Great Gift For Adults - Circuit board inspection, QC inspection, watch/clock repair, textile industry, kids education inspection, biological observation(not suited for cells), medical professionals, scientific researchers, insects, coins, jewelry, and stamps are all possible uses for this LCD digital microscope. It's the ideal gift for kids, hobbyists, instructors, and other users, and it's especially appropriate for students taking online classes this year.

7 Inch LCD Color Screen - Sharp Image, High Clarity Microscope on a 7-Inch LCD Color Screen A digital microscope with a 7-inch LCD color screen and 1080P high-definition imagery provides a wide field of view for viewing, eliminating the need for a PC or laptop.

Continuous amplification from 10X to 1200x with zoom, coarse and fine focus capabilities! You will always be able to locate a good multiple for you (The actual magnification due to the distance between lens and observations) The use of eight LED lights improves the clarity of observation.

2 Ways To Take Photos & Record Films - Because the LCD digital microscope has a 64GB TF card (Max support 128GB card), you can store the photographs and videos you capture during your observations directly to the 64GB TF card.

Alternatively, you can store photographs and videos on a computer or laptop running a Windows operating system (but not on a Mac), such as Win7/8/10.

Adjustable Flexibility Aluminum Alloy Stand - The digital microscope has a 90° front and back angle adjustment, making it more ergonomic; the focus distance can be adjusted between 2 and 10 cm, allowing for a wider range of observation.

Aluminum alloy is more solid and has a longer life span, allowing for micro soldering and printed circuit board maintenance.

Built-in Battery & Portability - The digital microscope has a built-in 3000mAh battery and is more portable, allowing you to carry it anywhere for roughly 6 hours after it has been fully charged. This microscope can also be charged using a power bank. It's truly portable and self-contained.

How to use it? WIFI connection for Android and IOS
✅ Download the software “iWeiCamera” from Google Play or APP Store.
✅ Long press the power button to turn on the microscope.
✅ Connect the wifi “cam-24726019f5f9”(no password) which emits from the microscope.
✅ Run the app and it is easy to use.
✅ The USB connection on PC or Laptop *For Windows system and Mac system users*
✅ Follow the link in the manual and choose to download the application
✅ Turn on the microscope and connect it to the PC terminal through the USB cable. O
✅ Long press the power button to turn on the microscope.
✅ Run the app and it is ready to go.

LCD Digital Microscope with 64GB TF Card BLXCK NORWAY™

LCD Digital Microscope with 64GB TF Card BLXCK NORWAY™