Nature Linen Coconut Palm Massage Yoga Mat Pillow with Bag

Nature Linen Coconut Palm Massage Yoga Mat Pillow with Bag. Check The Details To Know More

Natural Quality - The mat is constructed of 100% linen with 100% coconut fiber filling, and the pillow is filled with 100% natural buckwheat husk. Lay on the ‘'bed of needles" for body and hair to stimulate pressure points, relaxing tight muscles and melting stress away. Use before bed to improve the quality of your sleep and alleviate insomnia. Natural materials are beneficial to one's health.

8,000+ Acupuncture Points - Each disc has a total of 8062 acupressure points and 29 pinpoint spikes for deep tissue massage, blood circulation, and lymphatic flow stimulation. The therapeutic mat has 221 discs to increase energy and enhance muscle recovery times after a workout. The massage pillow that comes with it has 57 discs that help reduce tension and stiffness in the head, shoulders, and neck.

Interior Filling - Coconut Fibre & Buckwheat Husk: Generous in size to provide therapeutic massage for the entire back, the mat measures 28.35" by 17.32", the cushion measures 14.96" by 9.84", and the mat comes with a large linen storage backpack. Each case is constructed of a long-lasting linen fabric that is easy to clean.

Body, Head, Hair, and Spirit - We employ lotus-shaped spikes to revive your energy levels and produce a more balanced, euphoric attitude by stimulating your skin, muscles, and body. If you wish to revitalize your body and get rid of lethargy and fatigue. Enjoy comprehensive acupressure and the energizing sensation of having your body awakened and revitalized.

Many Occasion Uses - The lightweight back acupuncture mat set is ideal for work, travel, and exercise, as well as yoga, and makes excellent wellness gifts for parents, family, and friends. The acupuncture pad is comfortable and can be used on a seat, sofa, floor, or bed. Your mat will last for many years, and we are excited to use it!