Dog Walking Leash BLXCK NORWAY™

Taking your beloved pets outside for a walk can create a great bond.All pets love to go outside however, it is our responsibility to ensure their safety while taking them out. And using a superior quality leash is the ideal option to keep them protected. We have come up with this amazing Dog Walking Leash to provide great security.

 This is a retractable dog leash that can be extended up to 26 FT. It uses Nylon tape that is very sturdy and highly durable for long-term use. And you can use this lease daily as it doesn’t make any noise. The design of this leash is quite ergonomic and it comes with an anti-slip handle that will give you a strong grip.

This leash is suitable for dogs that are around 110 LBS in weight. You can use them on large and powerful dogs as well as small and medium-sized dogs without any worries. It provides great protection and does not restrict their movement. You can now give maximum freedom to your pets with this leash without losing control.

This is one of the most reliable leashes as it comes with a brake system. You can easily stop and secure the desired length by pressing the brake button. The spring included in this lease will help in retracting the leash smoothly without getting hurt.  It does not slip from your hand and provides top-level securityand safety to your dog. You can now enjoy walking with your pets without being worried.