Wireless Fast Charger Solar Power Bank

Are you amongst the one who always forgets to charge your phone when travelling? It can be a quite hassle when your battery is dead. To eliminate the problem, we have brought this Wireless Fast Charger Solar Power Bank.
Now you don’t have to worry whether your power bank is charged or not. This will be your saviour. The design is impressive and is quite portable for all your trips. It can charge all your smartphone by using solar energy. It also has a LED torch that can be used in an emergency or at night.
This solar power charger is waterproof and contains two USB ports to charge two gadgets simultaneously. It requires the sun energy to work efficiently. It takes approximately 37 hours to get fully charged under an intense sunlight
It has a silicone material that will protect it from rain, dirt or any shocks. It uses lithium polymer batteries with 20000mAh and is a perfect option to charge your mobile phones.