Power Roll Ab Trainer BLXCK NORWAY™

Do you wish to look fit and have abs? Or do you spend hours exercising in the gym doing various abs exercises but still not getting any results? Well, we have come up with Power Roll Abs Trainer which is an effective equipment to train your abs muscles and making them lean.
This is a super-effective dual roller that can enhance your workout intensity and give quick results as compared to going to a gym. Using this while exercising helps to tone and strengthen each and every part of your abs and core. It is super convenient to use has a very compact design.
It comes with a resistance rope that is adjustable, and you can easily enhance or decrease the resistance depending on your exercise level. The length of this strand is approximately 35-95cm and is highly durable with great elasticity. It also provides an effortless workout without any hassle. It also helps to protect your knees as it comes with an anti-slip kneeling board.
Not only abs, but these are also effective in toning your glutes, arms, or shoulders. You can use this Power Roll Abs Trainer to do more than 40 different exercises. It will come with a guide that explains around 40 different variations of using this equipment that is recommended by professional fitness trainers. It is a must-have for everyone who wishes to have toned abs or stay healthy and fit.