Adjustable width pregnant woman waist side sleeping pillow blxck norway™

Our adjustable width pregnant woman waist side sleeping pillow gives gentle and solid support, which can better ease your back discomfort, keep you comfortable in the side sleeping position prescribed by the doctor, and better help expectant women to sleep comfortably. Perfect support for your back and baby bulge during side
sleeping. Comfort that lasts from pregnancy to postpartum recovery.
The wedge cushion for pregnant women may be utilised for sleeping, reading, and working. It helps reduce thigh discomfort and sciatica. Enjoy stability and comfort as you cuddle between 2 linked cushions. The Stretch panel keeps the pillows in place as your bump grows. A multipurpose little supporter helps you stay relaxed when sleeping, but also while relaxing or sitting.
As your belly continues to develop, the distance between pregnancy pillows may be altered within 5 seconds to give you the most comfortable abdominal support and fulfil your demands during pregnancy. The compact design allows you to sleep comfortably even when travelling.
The pregnant belly cushion has a small design and is lightweight. It is easier to carry and saves more room than other pillows for pregnant ladies. Open the zipper, and wash the pillow cover and pillowcase in a washing machine, with 100 per cent recovery after drying.
In order to guarantee the hygiene of the pregnant pillow, vacuum packaging is necessary during shipping, and the capacity will be lowered. After getting it, please strike it hard till it swells and it will return to its normal condition within 1-3 days.
  • ✔️Hygiene and cleanliness
  • ✔️Easy to clean
  • ✔️Space-saving
  • ✔️Tummy support
  • ✔️Distance adjustment
  • ✔️Multi-scene use
  • ✔️Refusal of back pain
  • ✔️Side sleeping position
  • ✔️Shape: U-shaped
  • ✔️Anti-apnea, anti-static
  • ✔️Filler: high altitude spiral PP cotton
  • ✔️Size: About 56*35*25cm