Air Ionizer floor standing fan air conditioning with remote blacknorway™

Are you looking for a solution to prevent the effect of scorching heat? If yes, then this air ionizer floor standing fan is a great choice. It provides powerful air and is a great solution for summer.

It includes a removable wind wheel that can also be washed. It also purifies the air with the help of anion purification. It is super easy and convenient to operate without any worries.

This fan provides a cool wind and distributes them widely. It has an ergonomic design that provides strong, cool, and circulating wind. You can also operate this fan while sleeping, or resting with the help of remote control.


It includes four different modes – smooth and soft wind, natural fresh wind, powerful strong wind and cooling strong wind. You can easily adjust the intensity of the airflow by changing the mode.

This fan has an exquisite design and a digital screenthat displays the battery power and wind speed mode. It is perfect for office, living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc.