Alarm 100M portable sonar fish finder blxck norway™

Alarm 100M Portable Sonar Fish Finder. Check The Details To Know More

Fish & Bottom Contour Readout - Water depth, approximate fish location, short and tall weeds, sand and pebbles on the bottom are all detected and displayed.

The device is suitable for a range of fishing situations, including off-shore fishing, boat fishing, ice fishing, lake fishing, and sea fishing. It can also be used on a moving kayak with a speed of less than 5 mph.

Depth Readout - The underwater transducer detector range is in a 45° cone. The depth range detected by the sonar sensor is 3ft (1m) to 328ft (100m). The depth can be displayed in both feet and meters.

The transducer comes with a 25-foot wire and a transducer float that may be removed.

Small Fish Finder With a Lot of Features - 5 sensitivity levels, battery save mode, backlight mode, and fish and school alarm. With brand new batteries, it can often work for 4-5 hours continuously. When the battery save mode is enabled, the device can last even longer.

Different Fishing Ways -

  • Night Fishing Probe
  • Turbid Water Probe
  • Ice Fishing Probe