Gaming USB microphone blxck norway™

Gaming USB Microphone. Check The Details To Know More


Sensor with a tap-to-mute function and an RGB status indication. With the help of the RGB mic status indicator and the intuitive tap-to-mute capability, you can avoid an audio mishap. If the light is on, the microphone is active; if the light is out, the microphone is muted. To activate the microphone, simply tap the top of the microphone.

The microphone's volume control is hidden towards the bottom. With the convenient gain control at the bottom of the microphone, you can quickly alter the sensitivity of your microphone. It allows you to set the microphone input volume to a level that is comfortable for you.

The anti-vibration shock mount is built-in. The elastic rope suspension is linked to the microphone to isolate the mic and decrease the sound of inadvertent rumbles and bumps.

A pop filter will be included in the package. The pop filter will assist to smooth out some of those annoying percussion noises that occasionally interrupt your speech. To finish the installation, position the bayonet on the shock mount and lightly press it in place.

Compatible with a variety of programs. One plug-and-play microphone for PC, PS4, PS5, and MAC streaming. For clear communication, great voice quality with excellent sound is required. Game fans, video creators, and audio producers will enjoy this.