Anti Gravity Phone Case BLXCK NORWAY™

Want to Stick Your Phone?? Use This Anti Gravity Phone Case Only for iPhones

Nanotechnology - On the rear of the phone cover, there are millions of nano-sized ultra-small suction cups that can grip all sorts of smooth surfaces, including glass, metal, ceramic tiles, and computer displays, effortlessly and securely. iPhone is the only device that works.

Multi-function - The anti-gravity phone cover is multi-functional and makes life simpler. It's ideal for making hands-free calls while taking photographs, navigating, driving, cooking, recording video blogs, watching videos, and so on. Allowing your hands to be free.

Durable - Dust and hair will adhere to the surface after a long period of use. To restore the stickiness, simply wipe the shell with a little water or any other cleaning solution. TPU is a soft, flexible material with a non-slip edge that is easy to disassemble without damaging the phone.

How To Use - Place the case on a flat surface and wipe it clean and dust-free before releasing the contained air for 1-2 seconds. When not in use, keep the phone case clean by sticking the black dustproof film to the rear.

Note - The case is easy to stick dust during use. Please clean the case if the paste effect is not good. The case can be better absorbed on a smooth wall. The case is not suitable for sticking on the wall for a long time, air entering will affect the adsorption effect.