Men's tactical belt blxcknorway™

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Men's Tactical Belt. Check The Details To Know More

Military Tactical Belt - Can resist a weight of 500kg without deforming. Ideal for cops, firefighters, CCW holders, security guards, electricians, and utility workers who need to carry tools or firearms. Also suitable for paintball and airsoft equipment.

Exceptional Design - When the tactical waistline was being designed, much special force personnel were invited to participate in wear tests. And the outcome of the feedback was positive. We employ soft tank grain braids, a type of novel braiding technology that gives nylon braids optimal flexibility and gas permeability, substantially improving wearer pleasure and comfort while also offering nylon braids' anti-tearing properties.

Non-Metal Belt - A well-made nylon web belt for guys with a plastic buckle. Non-metallic, nickel-free, and non-allergic construction. Allow you to pass through a metal detector or airport security without having to remove your jewelry.

Buckle Design - The buckle is made of aviation-grade 7075 aluminum alloy. Furthermore, modern CNC is employed for precision processing, and solid copper stainless steel material is used for interior structure processing. It can withstand a 9,003N impact without distortion or damage, ensuring that it does not break off in the event of an external force. Its tightness and length can be changed to fit a variety of wearing needs.

Routine Wearing - The simple and attractive waistline can be worn with a variety of overalls, casual pants, tactical trousers, and outdoor trousers, as well as for outdoor activities such as outdoor rock climbing, tactics, and prompt drop. The waistline has a strong feel to it. For outdoor activities, any rifle or survival equipment, as well as leather and small bags, can be carried.

Tactical Molle Key Ring Holder - This is a free present for you. It is packaged in a gift box. Work belts for guys are a thoughtful gift for your partner, father, brother, or other male acquaintances.

Men's tactical belt blxcknorway™

Men's tactical belt blxcknorway™