Artificial hanging plants blxcknorway™

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Artificial Hanging Plants. Check The Details To Know More

About Leaves - Watermelon leaves are smooth on the edges and have no loose crepe. It's made of reflecting silk cloth, which is tougher than regular silk cloth and looks more lifelike when lit up.

Specifications - The Artificial Plant comes in a bouquet of nine stems. The fake hanging plants are 37 inches long. Four 14-inch short stems, three 26-inch medium stems, and two 37-inch long stems There are approximately 165 leaves on each Artificial Hanging Plant.

Each Set of Three - After testing, place three of our artificial watermelon leaf wall hangings in a basket to be the most perfect, fullest. Can provide you with stunning scenery.

Nature decoration without Insects - If you need a wild plant to decorate your home without insects, here is the place to go. However, you have been concerned about insect bites. Then there's the fake hanging foliage. Plants may help you solve problems and bring you beauty without causing any harm.

Daily Use - Many customers comment on how lovely the ivy vine looks on the balcony. However, you may utilize it to decorate your home by allowing it to climb to the top of your window, conduit pipes, exposed electrical wires, stairs, TV wall, and so on.

Artificial hanging plants blxcknorway™

Artificial hanging plants blxcknorway™