Automatic Electric Soap Dispenser BLXCK NORWAY™

Have you ever wondered that using a traditional soap bar while washing your hand can contain bacteria’s and germs? Besides, this cannot be very much hygienic and one should prevent using it.  Now the question that arises is what is the best alternative to replace the soap bar? Well, this Automatic Electric Soap Dispenser is the most ideal choice for your bathrooms and kitchen.


It is a contactless soap dispenser that has intelligent sensor technology. It uses infrared sensors that will avoid you from touching the dispenser. It is very convenient and easy to set it up without any hassles. To use this, all you need to do is place your hand in a correct position under the outlet and you are good to go. The soap will automatically pour out in your hand and you can wash it without touching the bottle. It is highly durable as it is made up of ABS plastic of superior quality.

It also has a feature of 2 LEVEL DISPENSING LIQUID which will allow you to dispense the liquid once or twice as per your requirements. It always dispenses 1 ml of soap every single time to avoid unnecessary wastage. It also has a visible window in the front that will show you the quantity of your liquid soap so that you don’t run out of it and refill it before it gets finished. This dispenser works on four AAA batteries (not included) and does not require any plugins or power supply.
Having a soap storage capacity of 400 ml, this dispenser is quite efficient if you have frequent guests at your house. It has an exquisite and minimalistic design that goes well with all kinds of bathroom furniture. This is a multipurpose dispenser and can also be used for shower gels, shampoo or liquid detergents. It is also a perfect choice to use this Automatic Electric Soap Dispenser in restaurants, offices etc to forestall contamination and supporting hygiene.