Automatic rising electric egg roll maker blxcknorway™

Automatic Rising Electric Egg Roll Maker. Check The Details To Know More

Double tubes - This electric egg roll maker includes two tubes, allowing you to manufacture two egg rolls at once.

Food-Grade Material - Non-stick pan made of black crystal material that is heat-resistant and non-sticky, making the completed product easy to remove and clean.

Independent Temperature Control - Each of the two tubes has two switch buttons, each of which controls one tube separately, allowing for more worry-free operation.

Three-Dimensional Heating - 360° three-dimensional heating, scientific temperature control, quick frying, safe, stable, and energy-efficient.

Easy To Use - After plugging it in, simply press the on/off button and the egg roll machine will start working. The preparation and heating buttons will switch back and forth automatically. When the egg roll is finished, it will rise naturally.