Safer Sleeper Baby Anti Roll Pillow

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Adjustable Memory Foam Side & Head Pillow Support For Infants Not to Roll ON

Infant Side Sleeper Wedge - Triangular support, protects the baby, adopts a triangular prism shape, solely for the baby's slumber. The 45° bevel design suits the body support of resting on the back and side, allowing the infant to stay on the side and sleep soundly without any breathing problems or vomiting.

Soft, pleasant Velvet Pillowcases - Velvet pillowcases are soft and comfortable, allowing the baby's skin to breathe freely. The best words to describe these infant sleep pillow support wedges are soft, breathable, and adaptable.

Adjustable Width - The width of the wedges may be changed from 10+ to 21cms, ensuring comfort for an infant aged 0-6 months. As your baby grows in height and weight, adjust the width! It is simple to utilize for you.

Invisible Zipper Design - Prevents your infant from being harmed by the zipper. We hope that our products will make your life easier and safer.

Pillowcase and Pillow Core Can Be Separated and Washed - The pillowcase and pillow core can be separated and cleaned, making it very easy to disassemble and clean.

Safer Sleeper Baby Anti Roll Pillow

Safer Sleeper Baby Anti Roll Pillow