Hanging Sleeping Bed baby Swings BLXCK NORWAY™

Hanging Sleeping Bed Baby Swings. Check The Details To Know More

Environmental Safe - SIDS Environmental Factors Should Be Reduced - We built our system to promote a healthy atmosphere regardless of a baby's movement or positioning by using natural, breathable, flexible materials.

Safety Product - CPSC Product Safety Standards Compliant: Fully compliant with CPSC product safety standards. The unique shape and function helps neonates self-soothe and sleep for longer periods of time.

Ideal For Micro-Climate - Creates an optimum microclimate: Better than bassinets and cradles for soothing colicky newborns. A breathable hammock keeps the room at a constant temperature, lowering the risk of SIDS.

Perfect Size - The dimension of 110cm x 76cm is ideal for infants of all sizes. The adjustable straps are well-made from some of the most durable materials available. It's sturdy and can easily support your toddler. If you wish to move between utilizing the hammock and your crib, the clips make it simple to disconnect it.